Our little Morningside community!

Our little Morningside community!

Here at Rosypenguin, we recognise the importance of building community and supporting other local and independent businesses like our own. 

As many of you already know, are a little boutique based in a gorgeous little suburb of Edinburgh called Morningside. We have been loving building up our community through our Rosypenguin book club, as well as collaborating and engaging with other independent businesses nearby. 

Just the other month, we collaborated with the new gym in Morningside called Bodysmart Physio Pilates to promote their new Group Reformer Classes, during which physiotherapists and pilates instructors guide you on how to use reformer beds, therabands, magic circles and weights as a way of adding resistance to exercise. Check out Ellie's reel about the experience hereSince Bodysmart is also a women-run and independent business, we felt proud to support and promote their classes. 

Just the other month, the penguins went for their day out to the beautiful little candle shop, Paddywax, located on Hanover street. The four of us, excluding Annie because she was over in Murrayfield enjoying the Taylor Swift concert, spent the afternoon building our own candles. The first step was to select our candle vessel; essentially the container for our candle wax. There were so many gorgeous options, but one vessel caught my eye - vibrant orange, pink, and blue celestial patterns against a white backdrop. Judith, Ruth, and Ellie selected their own, each one a little bit different. The next step was to choose the fragrance for our candle wax, with each option appropriately named after a Taylor Swift era. I chose 'fearless', which just so happened to be the pina coladas fragrance. Once we had weighed, measured, and poured all the wax into the correct containers and added the wick, we decided if we wanted to dye our candle wax. Whilst the others opted for the natural white colour, I decided I wanted to match the wax to the pattern and opted for pink and blue dye to create a violet colour. The entire experience was delightful, and our drinks were even served to us in stunning candle-like goblets. We couldn't recommend them highly enough! Click here to watch Ellie's reel about the experience.

To top the evening off, Judith treated us to burgers at our new, local burger joint, Earls. All the burgers could be made vegetarian,  meaning Judith and I had lots of choice. I washed mine down with a vanilla shake, and there was not a crumb left in sight. The whole experience was great, and it felt amazing to spend time with the penguins outside the shop whilst supporting other local businesses in Morningside. 

Finally, Rosypenguin has recently partnered with the Edinburgh Bookshop to bring you this month's bookclub read, Such a Bad Influence, by Olivia Muenter. I'm currently half way through and absolutely loving it! All the staff are so helpful and friendly, and they were so enthusiastic about our book club and our decision to partner with them. When I went to collect the books, they were so kind and considerate, wanting to make sure I would be able to carry them by myself. Of course, the temptation to simply order off amazon for convenience and cheapness is always there, which makes it all-the-more important that we secured this partnership. 

I'm proud to be getting to know our local Morningside community. Despite having lived here for two years, I feel I am getting to know it more since I started working at Rosypenguin than I have ever done before.

We hope to see you either at our bookclub or in the shop soon. 

Much love and thanks for shopping local,

Georgie x