Leith Academy Fashion Show!

Leith Academy Fashion Show!

Last Friday, RosyPenguin attended a fashion show at Leith Academy, which featured our own outfits modelled by the academy’s own wonderful teachers. The event itself was supported by the Youth Philanthropy Initiative, a scheme to develop skills in young people, which, in turn, is supported by The Wood Foundation. The pupils worked in groups to research the social issues affecting their local community and then decided on a single issue they wanted to focus on, researching the work of charities in the local area specialising in this issue. The groups then presented their research with the hope of securing £3000 to assist their selected charity with their work, £2,500 of which is provided by The Wood Project, and the other £500 they would fundraise themselves. Cue, the Fashion Show!

The Academy's students did a fantastic job of introducing their chosen charity and explaining why it was so important to them, as well as introducing us and the other local businesses supporting the event. The teachers also did a wonderful job of tackling their nerves and flaunting their gorgeous summer daytime and evening looks on the runway in the academy’s auditorium, which is designed to look a little bit like a greenhouse. The main street provided an ideal catwalk, and the whole thing looked beautiful.


To prepare for the big night, each of the models came into our lovely little boutique the week before to try on the outfits our stylists had specially prepared for them, using only a picture for reference and some sizing details provided by each of our models as a rough guide. During these styling sessions, we worked together to come up with accessories that would compliment each of the outfits, including earrings, necklaces, bags, hats, and of course, shoes. I was in charge of taking pictures and videos to show the behind the scenes for the event, and to provide us with a visual reminder of each of our outfits. Check out our instagram to see some behind-the-scenes footage!

Despite a bit of a kerfuffle at the beginning over trying to fit everything in Judith’s car, we managed to pack up and get to the venue with everything we needed. Once we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by all the staff, students, and visitors, and offered a glass of bubbly to calm our nerves. As I am new to the RosyPenguin team and this was my first ever event, this was something I definitely appreciated! I felt very glam in my Saint Tropez Ivory Blazer and trouser set complimented by my gold flower drop earrings, and Judith looked fabulous in the Inwear Pinja dress.

We are also greatly appreciative of the wonderful local beauty brand Moi Beauty, who delivered fantastic makeup looks on the day to bring the models’ overall looks together. It gave the models the confidence boost they needed to strut their stuff. 

Some of my favourite looks from the evening include the FRNCH trousers in brick, eleanor shirt brick, nubowie cream vest, multi Luxe clutch, chunky gold necklace, and the trio metallic Esska (left). My favourite look of the evening had to be the Nümph Nuamber Jeans, Saint Tropez Top In Silver Shimmer,  MSCH Blazer In Black, paired with the flower drop earrings in gold and sand pouch (right). So sophisticated and absolutely stunning!

I also adored the two-piece sets showcased on the night, especially the Nekane chiaki kimono and matching sawa trousers, luxe bead clutch in caramel, pearl drop necklace, and platinum Esska (left). I also loved the Frnch striped sundress, pink tassel clutch, multi clover necklace, and trio Esska (right), which I thought was such an effortless and elegant summer look. 

The last two outfits I'd like to highlight are the Numph Nugabriella maxi dress, green mini pouch, black Nuolive sunglasses and trio Esska (left), and the gorgeous Frnch Elyana wrap green dress, green clover necklace, and the popular trio Esska.

Overall, the night went smoothly and it was a great experience for everyone involved. You can find all the other outfits showcased on the night by clicking here, or pop into our little boutique in Morningside for a chat and a wee look around! Please get in contact if you would like to book an event with us here at RosyPenguin!

Thanks for reading, 

Georgie x